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We want you to make informed decisions. The links to this page may lead you to a partner website. We will earn a referral commission. Choose the lender and know how to make money.

It is the most crucial decision that you will make when buying a home. Do you want to work with a broker or directly a lender? There are key differences in both and there are unique advantages as well as disadvantages for each.

Rebecca Lake, personal financial blogger at Boss Single Mama, has done both. His conclusion? “Do your research.” Lake suggests that you do your research before you make a decision about a broker or lender. Seek out reviews to find out what other people think before you make a commitment. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut feelings and shop around for a lender or broker if you don’t feel comfortable.

Here are some things to consider to help you make the right choice.

Mortgage broker vs. Direct lender: main differences

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker acts as a matchmaker. He or she helps mortgage borrowers connect with mortgage lenders. A broker will not create mortgages using their own money. They’ll be able to act as a liaison with you and your lender, putting together all the documents required for underwriting and approval.

The most interesting thing about a mortgage broker, is that they may receive a commission from either the lender or you on the day of closing.

The Key Factors to Consider When Working with a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker helps you navigate the maze of banks, lending institutions. A broker has a greater grasp of the mortgage landscape and is better than someone who is just looking for a loan.

In general, brokers are paid loan origination fees. Brokers can negotiate special compensation agreements with banks and direct lenders.

Jonathan Howard, Certified Financial Planning Specialist at SeaCure Advisors, states that it’s important to know how brokers are paid and disclose potential conflicts of interests.

There are additional benefits. There are other benefits. Mortgage brokers can work with multiple lenders and find the best solution. This large pool is important, says Christian Cruz, lawyer specializing in real estate law at, “because it gives them the opportunity to work with borrowers who do not fit under a specific lender, as if you don’t. You might not be an W2 employee, self-employed, or have a poor credit rating.

Peace of mind is another benefit. George Guillelmina (CEO of says that they will be there for you every step of this process, know the information needed, save you time, and help you avoid making errors.

However, in exchange for these benefits, you may need to pay brokerage fee. Homebuyers are often billed directly by brokers, so make sure to check the pricing before signing up for a partnership with one. Leslie Tayne Settlement Lawyer states that brokers paid by lenders should not be referred to you by a broker whose brokerage commission is higher. Tayne law. Group.

While the broker might work with multiple lenders at once, remember that not all lenders work with brokers. “If you don’t have a relationship with one of the major lenders, it is possible to miss out on a partnership. Tayne states that it is vital to thoroughly research rates beforehand.

Advantages and drawbacks of a mortgage broker


  • Multiple lenders accessible
  • Flexibility is key, especially if you don’t fit into the typical lender ‘box’
  • Get a good idea of which lenders are available to you

The inconvenients

  • Higher interest rates and closing costs could be possible
  • Some lenders won’t accept brokers.
  • Brokers will often charge the buyer directly for their fees

Direct lenders

What is a lender direct?

Direct lenders finance mortgages using their own money. Direct lenders include banks and credit unions as well large loan companies like Quicken Loans. All of the people you deal with, including processors, mortgage brokers and underwriters, are part of the same company when you work with a lender. The sales team for financial institutions is comprised of loan officers. Commissions are earned for original loans. Prices may not be negotiable. Products offered to the consumer by the bank or lender are the products.

Here are some key considerations for working with a direct lender

Because the mortgage process can be confusing and complex, it can be helpful to be able contact your loan officer directly to make inquiries or request clarifications. Tayne points to the fact that brokers’ commissions can’t be ignored, so you won’t always know whether their lender recommendations have been affected by them.

Find out if there are any savings by getting your mortgage financed through your existing bank or credit union if you find the best mortgage rates at your current bank. There are many lenders that offer rate reductions and benefits for multiple accounts.

Pro tip

Direct lenders can offer agreements that only you have to sign if you do not go through a broker.

Working with a direct lender means that your options are limited to what the lender offers. Let’s assume you go to a bank with only one program. If the criteria are rigid and you don’t fulfill the criteria, then you’re out. Cruz states that they won’t be able to offer any other advice.

Remember that multiple credit inquiries may affect your credit score. A time when you need to have a strong credit score is when you can get the best interest rates. Rate. Before they do credit checks with a lender, a broker will have a good idea about your qualifications.

The direct lender has its advantages and disadvantages


  • You can get lower closing costs and a better rate
  • Many banks offer “direct only” deals that are not offered through a mortgage broker.
  • Brokerage fees will not be charged to you

The inconvenient

  • Programmes limited to institutions
  • If you are not a fit for one of the programs, there are no options.
  • Multiple credit checks could damage your credit score if multiple lenders refuse to approve you.

It makes sense to have every type of lender

The most rational option will depend on your circumstances and personal goals as well as the amount of work you are willing to do.

Guillelmina said, “If it’s possible to do your research and find the best direct deal, you should go for it.” “Some banks also offer ‘direct-only’ deals that cannot be obtained through a broker.

Not everyone has the luxury of time. Tayne suggests that a trustworthy mortgage broker might be the best option if you have a need for someone to look after your home buying needs, while you can focus on other priorities.

A mortgage broker can help those who don’t fit the typical borrower criteria and need more options to choose the right product. These include: These include non W-2 borrowers as well self-employed persons and those with poor credit.

Go after an existing lender if you are able to leverage that relationship to get a discount. He stated that “no other company is likely beat their bid.”

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